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Model: FADNA05
Cinnamon Tea (camellia sinensis + cinnamomum zeylanicum)Spicy delight with an aromatic twist.The best Tea in the world is Ceylon tea, Likewise the best Cinnamon in the world is Ceylon Cinnamon. Fadna Cinnamon Tea is the wonderful combination of these two. With this tantalizing blend we give Sri..
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Model: FADNA05
Diabe Tea ClassicEnjoy the sweetness of tea without harming your blood sugar levels.Fadna Diabe Tea Classic is formulated to enjoy the sweet taste without sugar for diabetic patients for maximum satisfaction of a normal tea drink's taste. Fadna Diabe Tea Classic is a successful result of the combina..
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Model: FADNA04
Green Tea With Gotukola (centella asiatica)Nature's Way to improve memory power.... Refreshing the busy mind and tired body.The finest blend of Green Tea with Gotukola. "Green Tea" gives us a unique combination with Gotukola, enhancing the taste making it for daily use as a beverage. The Ayurvedic a..
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Model: FADNA01
Fadna launches FADNA IMMUNI TEAThe health environment globally as well as in Sri Lanka is not very positive at present. Apart from the global threat of Corona and Influenza, the general public are also vulnerable to cold, cough and fever due to the weather conditions. Stress at work or sturdy and ti..
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Model: FADNA03
Tummy TeaFadna Tummy Tea is based on an exclusively ancient traditional Ayurveda formula which consists of Thirapala, Indian sarsaparilla, Aegle marmelos, Asteracantha longifolia and glycyrrhiza glabra. Chebulinic acid in Terminalia chebula, beta sitosterol in Terminalia bel..
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Model: SC - 15 Serving Tray
Wooden Tea Tray (Size 18*10.5 inches) Wooden Serving Tray with Handles This tray can be used as a serving tray for your entertainment needs. It can also be used as a breakfast in bed tray. Delivery within 5 days.  ..
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