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Hair Scissors

Model: BH - 18
Roll straight Negative iron function 30s hot Tree layer of insulation High durability Hair care Voltage power-110-220v. 45w Delivery withing 3 to 6 Days..
Ex Tax:Rs.1,950.00
Model: anu13
Feather cut What is Feather Cut Hairstyle and Should You Go For it? The first and the foremost thing which you usually take into consideration while you want to change your look would be working on your hairstyle. Most of us don’t realize the integral role our hairstyle plays in our looks..
Ex Tax:Rs.500.00
Model: anu14
U Cut U-shaped haircuts are flattering for almost everyone because they add dimension to hair. By removing bulk from the ends and creating a gentle "U" shape in the back, the cut helps hair lay flat while creating lots of movement...
Ex Tax:Rs.700.00
Model: anu15
V cut A V-cut hair is a type of haircut that is heavily layered at a sharp angle, forming a “V” shaped point at the ends. ... Shaping wavy hair into this cut results to a loose, cascading layered effect that gives an extra feminine and carefree aura...
Ex Tax:Rs.700.00
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